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I'm new and GGgrrrr [30 Aug 2002|08:53pm]

Sorry forgot to put that in there.
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I'm new and GGgrrrr [30 Aug 2002|08:52pm]

She seems to always no matter what get people to like her. Everyone she ever comes in contact with loves her and thinks shes great. It's something I envy about her so much and has made me hate her at times because I'm just so jealous of it. I have to work for the most part to get people to like me. Very few people like me as quick as they like her. some of the people I've known for a while like me but once they meet her I became nothing. baah! I can't stand the sight of her name anymore because of this stupid reason.

I'm new and this is my rant.
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[30 Dec 2001|05:22am]

dude, is anyone alive?
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1st post with any hint of ZELUS.. [05 Dec 2001|12:42am]

revant, lifelike, and theycallsme. they all have the ability to depict the most mundane occurrences in such a way that i wish i could experience that kind of beauty in my life. their creativity is amazing.

her photography is AWESOME. awesome. AND she has a labret piercing and fabulous hair. :x

i like his pictures, too. and he just seems to be an all-around cute boy. hehe.
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[03 Nov 2001|02:01am]
[ mood | tired ]

flamingopinkie - because she always has the right thing to say. She always cares and is so intelligent.

that's all tonight. :)

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grrrr [31 Oct 2001|07:45pm]

I hate people who are happy. I'm jealous of them. I'm also jealous of people who have perfect relationship. I want everything to go well in my relationship. Hell, I'm just jealous of people. I guess I wish I was everyone else but myself.
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[29 Oct 2001|01:08am]

hi. i just joined. and i'm extremely jealous of many things. perhaps i'll elaborate later; i need to get some sleep..
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Zeus [28 Oct 2001|10:31pm]

I'm jealous of my roommate with her vocabulary. I suck at english, its not fair
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[25 Oct 2001|12:17pm]
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I envy.... [25 Oct 2001|12:52am]

[ mood | content ]

Helena, because she's beautiful and talented and intelligent and everyone loves her.
Kore, because she has such style.

Okay, that's all for now.

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[24 Oct 2001|06:38pm]
flamingopinkie Just seems to have it all together, even when she doesn't.
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new.b [24 Oct 2001|02:12pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Let's see.... who do i envy? >>i'm going to use real nicknames, k?<<

eye am envious of.::.
Mars because he is a beautiful gay man and once he gets the nerve to go out, he'll have more beautiful gay men all over him.
Raychill because she knows hawt boys in punk bands.
Shan because she's Canadian, and no one ever tries to destroy Canada.
Madd because she's sexalicous and she makes my mouth water.

.::.and last but not least.::.

Es because she has no real troubles or sorrows. The biggest thing she has complained about so far is: Omg, i like this guy... but he has a girlfriend. What do i do?!? =^_^= he he it's adorable. it really is.

later days" \ "
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More Jealousy... [24 Oct 2001|12:37pm]

[ mood | envious ]

I am absurdly and profoundly envious of:

uzume because she is friendly and caring and special and lots of people like her.
venado because she manages to say what I want to say in a much more eloquent and moving manner
whoacaro for her amazing resilience. Shit happens and she picks up and moves on much more quickly than I ever could.

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Worshipping the Fool [23 Oct 2001|04:35pm]

[ mood | envious ]

meow She makes no sense, and she's traveling,
pinkiekitten cause yea, I suppose if I had to be somthing else, it'd be her.
hamartia d00d? she's fucking odd, that is cool.
aperion she's hardcore, even if a tad empty.
slutkissgirl27 cause she's young, stupid, blonde, and lives on Maui again, yea that's right you damned dwarf, I'll get you yet...sell you in Tijuana too
nathanael this fuck right here, cause he has my name as his lj name, damned bastard

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[23 Oct 2001|03:30pm]

*cough* The Green Eyed monster of envy

uzume: dear jesus who does NOT envy this woman I ask you? She is about the best person I know, anywhere, ever.
Drew I hope I spelled that right otherwise the link won't work...she is bee-yoo-tee-ful seriously, no joke. *envies*
Jenn: If you have not read her writing you must go do it, NOW I SAY! She is the best writer...*sigh* plus she's adorable.
Alchemi This one is self explanatory, but he is...amazing. Utterly and completely amazing.

I'm sure there are more, the list will grow...fast.
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[23 Oct 2001|04:11pm]

[ mood | working ]

My jealousy is in alphabetical order. :)

ainjel - She's larger than life. She's living the dream. She writes like I want to.
alchemi - Understands himself better than anyone I know.
applenut - I covet her techieness, her cuteness, and her given name.
bobdole - So. Damn. Funny. She makes everything into a hilarious story.
flamingopinkie - Is a belly dancer! Looks like Debi Mazar. Has a mystique about her that I want for myself. She's exotic.
indignantfig - Beautiful and compassionate. Has the coolest screennames ever.
len - Such a beautiful voice! *green* Mad web design skills. Best webpages (versions 1 through 800). :)
ninjalicious - Cool fuckin' name that I wish I'd thought of.
salyx - Again with the exotic. I also love her spirituality. I wish I were more in touch that that part of myself.
uzume - I love the way she writes in the third person, and uses dialogues between Summer and Lilith (the two sides of herself) to illustrate a point.
vebelfetzer - Talented, young, eloquent, and arrogant. An excellent combination.

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[23 Oct 2001|08:51am]

Here it is....

uzume because SHE is a god. Have you seen her website???
cyllan because she is such a hottie
irriesistible because she has spunk, ....(is that a word?) and is totally adorable
vanillabunny because of those dimples! She is such a cutie
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[23 Oct 2001|03:15am]

[ mood | envious ]

hmmm... i envy

wolfiegirl for her writing flow
jerronimo for his hardware geekdom
logand for his mad snood skillz

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[22 Oct 2001|06:55pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

I want cyllan's hair! Blonde is good... and you can dye it shocking colours!!! *envies* She also is so smart, she articulates much better than I. And her grasp of math... well, let's just say I suck at math and she doesn't :D

Oh, and she is so strong (in character, though I imagine she could beat me up too).

That is all for now.

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[22 Oct 2001|06:36pm]

[ mood | envious ]

yay! First Entry.

I envy:
uzume for her amazing creativity, her curious mind, and her caring soul. Honestly, I want to be just like her when I grow up. Besides, she looks a hell of a lot better in plaid pants than I ever would.

alchemi for his ability to make friends and to make people tell him things that they probably don't want to. Do you know how many secrets he's got locked up inside that little brain of his? I WANT TO KNOW DAMMIT!

_phaedrus_ because I can bet he's making it up as he goes along, too, but his bs just sounds so much better than mine...

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