Miss Blue (nonamer52) wrote in zelus,
Miss Blue

I'm new and GGgrrrr

She seems to always no matter what get people to like her. Everyone she ever comes in contact with loves her and thinks shes great. It's something I envy about her so much and has made me hate her at times because I'm just so jealous of it. I have to work for the most part to get people to like me. Very few people like me as quick as they like her. some of the people I've known for a while like me but once they meet her I became nothing. baah! I can't stand the sight of her name anymore because of this stupid reason.

I'm new and this is my rant.
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That is not the person I'm talking about I forgot to put the name in there. Check the next entry. thats the person I'm talking about.


October 20 2010, 01:29:37 UTC 6 years ago

Such is life, nonamer52. I know that sounds cheesy and all but that is just the way life is: someone out there is always going to be better than us, and I myself have many people I envy. I do not, however, think you should fret over such a thing. She is herself and you are yourself. You have many qualities she could only dream of having, and as for the friend thing: the majority of the really good friends you have are achieved from hard work, not a glance. :) just keep being yourself and it will all pay off in the end, and if you have a really close friend you could always vent to them; just know when to not drag it out. I do not mean this as a threat or insult, but an opinion in the best hopes for guidance. I hope everything works out in your life one way or another :). A bystander- Abby


August 6 2008, 22:58:16 UTC 8 years ago

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